3 Ways to Improve Local Marketing

  • 3 Ways to Improve Local Marketing

For small concepts, diversifying local-store marketing efforts beyond fliers and handouts is the best way to secure new business.

Q:Are there any low-cost methods of diverting eyes and mouths to our restaurant on an extremely local basis?
— Franklin Grimes, two-unit Ocho Mexican Grill, Los Angeles

A:Local-store marketing is definitely the way to go for Ocho Mexican Grill, Franklin. Mass media advertising can be expensive, and it’s not that effective for a small business like yours. Using local tactics to build a strong and loyal customer base in the 3–5-mile trading area around your locations will have much more impact.

The key to any effective marketing program is focus, and local-store marketing is no exception. In addition to focusing on a very targeted geography, you should focus on a specific customer target.

Is it young adults looking for a great-tasting late-night bite? Families looking for a wholesome, out-of-home meal? Foodies looking for fresh, locally sourced ingredients? Homing in on your desired customer and their needs will help you find and reach them more easily and tailor your offerings.

Thanks to Denise Lee Yohn for this great article in QSR magazine. Read On…

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