Local Store Marketing Evolves

Activate Local Store Marketing (LSM) initiatives easily and quickly using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Amplify is a cloud based Local Store Marketing tool built specifically for the food service and restaurant industry by food service experts. Our subscription based service is an easy and low-cost way to support your local marketers and franchisees daily marketing needs.

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Why Amplify Your Local Store Marketing

Amplify was developed specifically for food service and restaurant operators who run a local marketer or franchise system. It’s a custom-built online tool for use by corporate marketing teams to better and more efficiently manage local store marketing initiatives, providing clear benefits and guides to corporate, local managers and franchisees. Amplify allows users instant access to pre-approved brand marketing materials and effective local store marketing programs from one centralized, web-based location instantly. 

Local Store Marketing - Identify


Amplify’s local marketing tools guide local marketers and franchisees through the process of identifying opportunities in their market and building the right solutions to maximize results and meet sales goals.

LSM - Educate


Amplify’s local marketing education guides give users the basic knowledge they need to build the right marketing programs and campaigns to meet their local marketing goals. – Don’t just build a campaign, build the right campaign.

Lsm - Build


Select from a wide range of brand approved local store marketing elements. Such as FSI’s, Press Ads, Flyers, Direct Mail pieces and more. Customize the elements with your coupon choices, expiration date, store address, store map and copy line.

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