Franchisee Benefits

Empower franchisees to succeed at local store marketing

Access to the local store marketing tools you need to drive your business.

Franchisees by their very nature are entrepreneurs and as such tend to be very active and involved in the running and marketing of thier businesses. Amplify local store marketing tool kit allows you to gives them the tools they need to identify opportunity in their local market and build brand approved marketing materials within minutes. (no more designing in MS Word and printing on pink photocopy paper at Kinkos).

It is often the case that franchise owners are in a position to identify opportunities or areas of concern within their local market way before they are seen at the corportate or system wide level, if at all. But franchisees are not marketers, they generally come from other backgrounds such as business or finance and have very little marketing training. They know something has to be done, they just do not know what.

The franchisee may notice that lunch time sales are down due to a competitor opening just up the road and they know that something has to be done to counter this tread. Their instinct is to advertise and promote, which is correct but, market to who and what should they be promoting.

For example, as mentioned above, lunchtime sales are down due to a major competitor opening just up the road. Instinct dictates that you take your best product or product that offers the most value to your customers and direct mail the hell out of your local community.

Amplify’s optional local store marketing guides help identify and walk the user through the process of selecting building and distributing the right materials to the right people.

Amplify is structure in a way that:

  • React quickly to competitive intrusion or lagging day-part sales using
    proven strategies and relevent marketing materials
  • Instant access to customizable ad, coupon, direct mailer and general
    sales collateral templates
  • Instant access to pre-approved brand marketing material,┬ábusiness
    forms, training manuals and guidelines
  • Provides fulfillment house inventory search and order system, and
    approved vendor print-on-demand integration
  • Advo, Val-Pak and Pennysaver integration