Corporate Benefits

Amplify gives corporate owners the control they need over brand assets

Protect your brand image whilst at the same time giving local marketers and franchisees access to the local store marketing materials they need.

Amplify was initially developed in response to a need some of Dedica’s food service clients had for a better way to control local store marketing and distribute brand collateral and marketing materials to their systems at the local level.

Again and again corporate marketing teams were visiting stores only to find that, not only was a lot of the point-of-sale material for that quarters promotion not on display put that the local marketer or franchise owner had taken it upon themselves to create, produce and display their own promotional material using whatever brand logo and stock images they could find online or in old LSM Binders.

When asked why they did this the response was usually something like “XXX sells well in my market so i wanted to promote it”

Corporate marketers found that just saying “No, you can not do that” was not the answer and did not foster good working relationships with franchise owners who felt they knew the local market and their customers better than corporate did.

The Amplify toolkit gives corporate owners the control they need over brand assets, collateral and promotional materials whilst at the same time giving local marketers and franchisees access to the materials they need to create locally focused promotions that stay within brand strategy guidelines. No more pink photocopy paper!

The tool also gives corporate a direct to market, minimal cost distribution channel. Allowing them to distribute new marketing materials instantly throughout the system and delete out of date or problematic elements in seconds. No more mailing out disks or large binders full of collateral examples that go out of date as soon as the new campaign is launched.

Below are some additional features:

  • No development costs for pre-existing technology
  • Better brand management for you, your partners and agency
  • Faster speed-to-market of critical ad messages
  • No more monthly or quarterly LSM update mailings
  • Reassurance that your system is using corporate-approved material
  • Minimal support : Empower local managers by giving them the tools to do everything from download logo files to create custom elements without your involvement.
  • Empowered local managers = happy local managers