Features Overview

Below are some of the key features of the Amplify Local Store Marketing Toolkit

The Amplify local store marketing tool kit has been designed and built from the ground up with food service companies in mind. It has been premised on a win-win proposition for both corporate and local marketers: Ensuring adherence to brand guidelines, instant creation of custom elements and distribution of marketing materials, and anytime access to best practices. Amplify gives your field marketers and franchisees the local store marketing tools they need when and where they need them the most.

Customizable Website Branding

Amplify offers website customization to fit your brands. With an editable logo area, header banner, and color schemes, Amplify’s sites fit and feel like a part of your brand.

Centralized Brand Asset Distribution System

Amplify’s asset distribution system provides the user with a one-stop, centralized storage hub for all your brand assets. The hub is instantly available to local marketers, franchisees, agencies, partners and press, day or night, from anywhere with a web connection.

Store core brand assets such as:

  • Logos and Style Guides
  • Letterhead and Business card templates
  • Image Gallery’s

Controlling and monitoring the use and distribution of brand assets across a large system can be complex and time consuming. Some clients we have worked with over the years have commented that they can get as many as 8-10 requests a day for logos, brand standard guides, print ads, etc. Amplify eliminates these requests by putting everything in one easily accessible, centralized place.

Off-The-Shelf Element Fulfillment House Integration

Amplify’s Off-The-Shelf element ordering system is set up to support full 3rd party fulfillment house integration and unlimited vendors. The system mimics regular shopping cart software allowing for customizable pricing, quantities, shipping and tax structures. It can be used to compliment your existing fulfillment house system or replace it, giving you the freedom to switch and replace vendors with very little logistical issues.

 Local Store Marketing Off The Shelf Ordering SystemLocal Store Marketing Off The Shelf Ordering System

Customizable Ad and Marketing Materials Builder

Amplify’s customizable ad and marketing collateral builder gives your local markers and franchisees the freedom they need to create regionally focused collateral built with brand-approved templates. Amplify gives the flexibility to select size, type, imagery, coupon offers, add location maps, store addresses, and custom copy lines.

Amplify Supports the following print
formats and more:

  • Counter cards
  • Window Clings
  • Door Decals
  • Table Tents
  • Free Standing Inserts
  • Press Ads
  • Direct Mail
  • Banners

An unlimited number of elements can be made available to local marketers and franchisees through the Amplify Toolkit, giving them the opportunity to be proactive to ever changing events in local markets.

Third Party Vendor Integration

All marketing materials loaded into the Amplify tool-kit can be tied to: An individual approved vendor, multiple vendors (creating price competition), or made available for download as print ready files, allowing the local marketer or franchisee to print and distribute locally.

Pre-approved Printers
Amplify’s unique back-end administration features allow the option to assign a print vendor to each element as it is uploaded. This means that you are no longer tied to one printer for all items within the system, as with many standard print-on-demand tools. You can either drive all print work through one pre-approved vendor (ensuring quality and leveraging bulk ordering to get better pricing) or invite any number of print vendors to compete on specific items. Either way, you win.

Download Only Option
Amplify’s download only option allows you to choose which elements are made available for local marketers and franchisees to print themselves rather than go through a pre-approved corporate vendor.

Fulfillment house integration and ordering
The Off-The-Shelf section of the Amplify toolkit can support full integration with your current fulfillment house or multiple vendors if need be. A standardized shopping cart system allows users to add items to a cart, save and complete their order as and when they are ready. Upon checkout, all orders are sent via email directly to their respective vendors and payments are handled offline.

Local Store Marketing Educational Guides

Amplify not only gives users the tools they need to create effective local marketing campaigns and collateral, but can also be used to help inform and educate users on topics such as:

  • Sales Building
  • Competitive Intrusion
  • Community Involvement
  • Grand Openings and Store Re-imaging
  • Sports and Event Sponsorship
  • Recruitment
  • Crew Incentives

This unique feature serves to educate the user on identifying problems or opportunity in their market, building a plan, selecting and creating the right elements for that goal, and driving sales.

LSM University Training GuidesLSM University Training Guides

Asset Control and Approval

Amplify allows for administrative control over the availability of local store marketing materials by user type, store type and/or region. This gives you the ability to distribute custom promotions directly to a region or test market without making them available system-wide.

Limit distribution of specific marketing material to only:

  • Corporate Users
  • Franchise Users
  • Area Managers or Directors
  • By Regions or Market

Trade Area, Competitor and Community Planning Tools

Amplify comes with a number of great planning tools that will help you and your field marketers better assess their local store marketing needs.

Current Tools Include:

  • Trade Area Mapping Tools
  • Community Connection Tools
  • Competitive Intrusion Planning Tools
Local Store Marketing Trade Area Mapping ToolsLocal Store Marketing Community Connection Tools

Site FAQ’s and User Tutorials

A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and site tutorials are available to guide users through the site and help them with the planning, building and ordering process.