Local Marketers & Area Directors

Give your marketers the tools they need to succeed at the store level

A local store marketing tool that supports the people who need it most.

Running a local market with multiple stores or franchisees can be a complicated process.

Meeting sales goals, ensuring all stores meet corporate guidelines for operations, staffing, marketing, and trying to keep everyone happy can consume every waking hour. Add requests for replacement point-of-sale material, ads for local newspapers and magazines, asset requests for PR opportunities, sponsorship opportunities within the community, new store openings, competitor openings, lagging day-part sales, and it can all become overwhelming.

Compounding this is the problem; submitting continuous requests to the corporate marketing department for specific local marketing asset, results in a very busy marketing department, and a very stressed local marketer.

Amplify’s local store marketing tools and guides help support your local marketers day to day needs by giving them a one stop shop for point-of-sale re-orders, asset requests, support materials and more. Given the right assets, local marketers can connect, find, create and download what they need in minutes.

Problem solved.