A Guide To Local Store Marketing – Infographic

  • Local Store Marketing Infographics

The Case For Local Store Marketing Is Simple.

It drives awareness in a more relevant way, where sales happen. Location-based local store marketing has consistently outperformed national campaign efforts for driving sales and coupon redemption.

• National brands are betting big on local marketing, with 91% of those surveyed expecting to up their investment on digital local marketing in 2013.
• The local industry is projected to grow to over $42.5 billion by 2015.
• Companies that focus on integrated processes for local marketing enablement will increase revenue by 15-20% by 2015.
• 90% of shoppers travel less than 10 minutes for meals.
• 95% of shoppers eat within 1 mile of where they work.
• 75% of shoppers buy lunch 4 to 5 days a week.
• 93% of shoppers use the internet to find your store.

Take a look at this local store marketing infographic for more great LSM statistics.
Local Store Marketing Infographics

The Case for Local Store Marketing


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