QR codes: Useful or just another marketing ploy?

QR codes  seem to be sprouting up everywhere and on everything, but this seemingly avant guard marketing technology apparently isn’t as cool as it looks. Like with most digital marketing initiatives QR codes have to be considered and implemented with the notion that it is an extended platform for the messaging that you are delivering, not a quick fix. Sometimes a handy bit of technology can be more detrimental to your campaign. As we stress in this blog, when implementing local store marketing initiatives, sometimes simplicity is key. This article highlights some of the misconceptions and misuses of the QR code that will have you second guessing your decision to include them moving forward:

Why QR Codes don’t work and the one big thing agencies are missing.

Yesterday a friend sent me this article entitled “Why the QR code is failing.” It’s a great read, but you kind of walk away from it thinking, “Well, DUH!” The analysis is so common sense that it makes you wonder why QR codes are so misused by so many agencies these days.

I think the answer is bigger than agencies not being creative enough. I think it has to do with the fact that very few agencies take the time anymore to truly work up a communication strategy for their clients.

It seems like more and more, clients come to an agency with a predetermined media plan in place. “Hey, we need some banners and a microsite.” or “We’re running two full page ads in this magazine. Come up with something.” And of course, we do it. But rarely do we stop to ask why we’re doing it. Or if it’s the best use of the client’s money. Or if there’s a better way to communicate our message.

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