20 Ideas To Kick Start Your Local Store Marketing

  • 20 Ideas To Kick Start Your Local Store Marketing

Local store marketing can and should play a major roll in any stores marketing and sales strategy. Too often when the word “marketing” is used, people tend to automatically think of big initiatives, big expense and lots of time investment but this is not always the case. Some of the most effective local store marketing initiatives are small and easy to implement.

Here are a few creative local store marketing ideas to get you going:

1. Join a trade association, organization or Chamber of Commerce where you can network with local business owners and trade services and or sponsorship opportunities.

2. Run and sweepstakes draw for free products or a gift certificate. Use the entry forms to collect customers’ email addresses for use later.

3. Handout free t-shirts with your logo on them to customers and crew.

4. Handout specialty products such as pens, mouse pads, or mugs with your store’s logo on them.

5. Send out newsworthy press releases as often as you can.

6. Create an annual award relating to your product and publicize it.

7. Hold a happy hour with discounts, free samples or two for one’s etc.

8. Get a memorable local or toll-free phone number.

9. Target the non-English speaking market if it is relevant to your area.

10. Advertise in creative locations such as park benches, buses, and local Web sites.

11. Make sure your building signage in clearly visible and of good quality.

12. Donate your product or service to local charity events.

13. Place a Yellow Pages ad under your service and in related categories.

14. Create a loyalty program to reward frequent customers.

15. Conduct food sampling at local events and sports games

16. Team up with a non-competing business in your area to offer a package promotion.

17. Train your staff to engage customers in pleasant conversation and build friendships.

18. Train your staff to recommend and suggest appropriate add-ons to your customers regular order.

19. Combos: Pair up slow moving items with related products and repackage as a special offer.

20. Refer a friend: Offer your customers discounts for each referral they provide.

Not everything in this list will be perfect for your personal local store marketing needs but all are simple to execute and involve very little cost investment.


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